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Composite packaging service information

Hello everybody!

Were you tired of excessive shipping costs when ordering items from Korea every time?
Tired of things you don't know when they will arrive?

Let's solve all the problems with peachkpop!

If you send the item purchased from another site along with your order for the peachkpop album to our address, we will package it together and send it to your home at the lowest shipping cost.

Please send an e-mail to apply for combined packaging with your order from our site!
Please email only the product page of the purchase site, how many items you purchased, and your name at the time of purchase.
After we receive the item, we will measure the actual weight and inform you of the final shipping cost.

The combined package price is the final measured weight and shipping + $2 per item quantity. All are shipped with tracking number attached!

The address to send after purchasing is 서울시 송파구 삼전동 173-13 시티빌 202호, postal number 05587, name is oddmodish.

Do you have more questions?
Please contact us at :)
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