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[ON THE ROAD an artist’s journey]

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Jaejoong Kim: On the Road [ON THE ROAD an artist’s journey]
Music that contains the journey to the past, the dream of becoming a singer!

<Jaejoong Kim: On the Road [ON THE ROAD an artist's journey]> is a documentary album about Jaejoong Kim's life journey. Looking back on his present self and the distance he has walked in life, he captures the journey to the past, where he began to dream of becoming a singer, in a sincere sound.

This album, which coincides with the story development in the movie of the same name, allows you to face yourself as an ordinary young man, not as artist Jaejoong Kim. Through an interview, Kim Jaejoong, an easygoing person who boldly tells his story by showing the side of splendor, gives a calm impression.

In this album, which contains scenes from the movie, Kim Jaejoong participated in writing and composing the title song "We're", as well as reinterpreting "Rain, Tomorrow", the song inserted into the movie "The Eraser in My Head". included
In addition, music director Park Seong-il, who led the success of the OST for the popular drama 'Itaewon Class', participated in all the songs on the album to enhance the perfection of the work. In the movie, the original score, 『Main Theme』, as well as classic classic songs are added to harmonize the visuals and add a sense of hearing.

On the other hand, <Kim Jae-joong: On the Road an artist's journey>, directed by Lee Jae-han of the movie 'Incheon Landing Operation', will be released nationwide on July 21, 2021.

<Jaejoong Kim: On the Road [ON THE ROAD an artist’s journey]>
2021.07.21 release
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