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CIX - 1st EP [HELLO] Chapter 1

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CIX,'the biggest expectation for the second half of 2019', will debut with'CIX 1st EP Album HELLO Chapter 1. [Hello, Stranger]'.


The album'CIX 1st EP Album HELLO Chapter 1. [Hello, Stranger]' is the first album of CIX to appear in the world, and it is the album that marks the beginning of the history that CIX will write in the future.


[Album Specifications]

Total 2 types (Hello / Stranger Ver.)

1. Sleeve

2. Cover box

3. Photobook (84p, different versions or configurations)

4. CD

5. Personal photo card (3 random out of 5 types)

6. One illustration card

7. 1 mini photo book (40p, different version or composition)

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CIX - 1st EP [HELLO] Chapter 1
$16.30 USD
$16.30 USD

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