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2ND EP [YOUNI-Q] (Platform Album ver.)

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9 jewels that will brighten up 2022 'YOUNITE'

The bold challenges and leaps they try, 'YOUNI-Q'

Brand New Music's 9-member boy group YOUNITE, which created a hot wind in the K-pop market through their debut album 'YOUNI-BIRTH', is returning with their second EP 'YOUNI-Q' after 3 months of debut.


YOUNITE, who showed their presence by emphasizing that they are connected with the fans through the slogan of 'WE ARE CONNECTED' in their debut album 'YOUNI-BIRTH', is 'DO YOU HAVE A "Q"?' We want to clearly show YOUNITE's differentiated personality through the message.


'YOUNI-Q' is an album that contains the unique color of YOUNITE, which has grown even further, by giving the letter 'Q', which means Question, Quest, etc. It expressed the meaning of a special challenge together.

In 2022, YOUNITE is rapidly growing as a global K-pop artist, announcing a splendid start with its dazzling visuals and the colorful charms of 9 members and 9 colors. Their bold challenge and leap begins right now, with 'YOUNI-Q'.

'YOUNI-Q is not YOUNITE’s final destination.'

*Album Specifications

- CARD HOLDER : 90*120mm / 1 type

- PVC PHOTO CARD ALBUM : 54*85mm / Random 1 type out of 9 types

- PHOTO CARD : 54*85mm / Insert one random out of 9 types

- POST CARD : 80*110mm / Random 1 type out of 3 types
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