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9 talented boys who will become one with you

Brand New Music's first multi-member boy group 'YOUNITE'

Their first start 'YOUNI-BIRTH'

Brand New Music's ambitious 9-member boy group YOUNITE finally spreads its wings of flight after a long time of preparation.


YOUNITE, which is a compound word of the word 'you' and 'UNITE' meaning 'union', proudly imprints in their name the promise to always become one with the fans in their name. It gave a strong belief in the organic synergy to be created.


YOUNITE's first EP 'YOUNI-BIRTH', which means the new birth of YOUNITE and the beginning of a brilliant cosmic worldview that they will unfold at the same time, has an unusually double title track for a debut album, and confidence in their colorful charm and wide musical spectrum. In addition to this, YOUNITE's unique and high-quality tracks make the whole album more structured, adding to the fun of listening.


In February, YOUNITE, which caught the attention of K-pop fans around the world early through the prologue video containing each member's worldview, has always been connected with the fans with the slogan 'WE ARE CONNECTED' since the logo motion was released. It strongly attracted the hearts of fans who will share countless memories together in the future.

*Album Specifications

(KARMAN ver. / AURORA ver.)

- PHOTO BOOK : 250*250mm / 64p (images are different for each version)

- LYRICS BOOK : 190*190mm / 12p (same image for each version)

- CD-R: 1 type (images are different for each version)

- POST CARD : 105*148mm / Insert one random out of 10 types (images are different for each version)

- 1 of 9 CARD : 130*200mm / Random 1 type out of 9 types is inserted (images are different for each version)

- PHOTO CARD : 55*85mm / Random 1 type out of 18 types is inserted (images are different for each version)
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