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6th Regular Album [END THEORY]

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I decided to love everything I've been through. To be precise, I decided to make the choice I love. It remains in the form of time or person or emotion. Time and space are no longer important.

I don't know how much time is left.

Everything you and I have been through has made us, and it is no more or no less, although we may occasionally return to the topic of conversation. However, I hope that it will serve as a basis for understanding so that we can truly love each other.

We live as we choose. Even if the choice is fixed.

All choices are made after deliberation.

All ends end with their own standards.

All births begin at the end. It is designed so that there are no exceptions.

*Album Specifications

- COVER : 172*230*7.5mm

- PHOTOBOOK : 170*230*6.5mm / 80p

- CD : 117*117mm

- PHOTOCARD : 55*85mm / random insertion of 2 types out of 4 types

- PHOTOSTAND : 90*165mm / Insert 1 type

- MESSAGE CARD : 98*98mm / Insert 1 type

- POSTCARD : 150*170 / Insert 1 type
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