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Youngseo (BAE173)

Monologue Project - Letter (Nemo Album Thin Ver.)

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Monologue Project, ‘The Letter’ - Youngseo (BAE173)

“The emotions get stronger as time goes by.

How do I convey the words I haven't been able to say before?

I ponder countless times and write each letter on the paper.

A story I want to tell you.”

With the onset of the pandemic, people are getting used to doing things alone, such as drinking alone and eating alone.

Making love and sharing your heart feels that much more difficult.

In particular, when it comes to meeting and parting, words that have not yet been said and longing for regrets cannot be expressed, and they accumulate in a corner of our hearts.

The 'Monologue' project was planned to calmly express and convey these cautious emotions through music. would like to

'Letter' is a string arrangement that will convey the universal sensibility in more detail, the composition of various instrumental sessions, and the emotional space filled with BAE173 Youngseo's soft but hard and emotional voice. will make it

Card-type albums Square albums are included in the album count as a new medium to replace CDs. If you tag or scan the Nemo card on your phone, you can play the album in the Nemo's app. In addition to music, the square album contains various contents such as videos and photos. For more information, please refer to

■ Product Introduction / Album Specifications


· PACKAGE SIZE: 90mm*62mm*9mm


· NEMO CARD: 54 x 85.5 / Paper / 1 type

· JACKET PHOTOCARD: 54 x 85.5 / Paper / 1 type

· RANDOM PHOTOCARD: 54 x 85.5 / Paper / 1 out of 2 types

· Transparent Sign Card: 54 x 85.5 / PET / 1 type
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