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1st EP [love you more,]

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The end of the love I loved more.
the most beautiful,
The most miserable moment.

YOUHA made a comeback after a year with her first EP [love you more,].

Starting with her debut single 'ISLAND' in September 20, and her double single 'Sweet-Tea' in August of last year, Yoo Ha, who showed a courageous love story from various perspectives, has revealed another content through this EP [love you more,]. Show your love story to the public.

If true love is not the only love with a dignified and dignified appearance, but sometimes even the broken and wretched appearance is proud, wouldn't it be possible to say that it is true love?

Through this EP [love you more,], YOUHA unfolds a new aspect as a true love-writer that focuses on love and parting stories by narrating various topics about breakup in realistic language.


Spring photo book cover: 157*210, front and rear wing attachment type, snow, cross section 4 views, spring color (red), all matte coating, logo ink (Taechang 064bk broken ink hole), rear panel insert
Spring Photobook Inside: 52 pages, ensemble, 4 sides
Alpan: 1CD, offset 5 degrees
Sticker: 100*100, plate sticker, art paper, 4 single-sided, glossy coating, half-cut
Folding poster: 254*384, cross folding, snow 150g, 4 cross-sections (on pack)
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