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1st Mini Album [Podium]

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fullness of tone

Yoo Chae-hoon's first mini album <Podium>

When I heard the first sound of the album, I was very confused. Because he showed a different side from the tenor Chae-Hoon Yoo he knew before. It wasn't just the first song, the first verse of the song. All five songs in the mini album were filled with Yoo Chae-hoon's new charm, and I was able to meet the emotional pop singer Yoo Chae-hoon, who gently caresses with delicacy.

His new challenge as a pop singer is more meaningful because he has proven his outstanding skills as a tenor through audition programs and group activities. He climbs on the podium alone and weaves his delicate sensibility hidden throughout. The wind and birdsong rustling the warm sunny earth, and the wide blank space is filled with only his tone. A vivid emotion without passion... The calm and pure emotion leads to small smiles and small tears.

The first solo mini-album <Podium>, which means 'leadership', was made with Yoo Chae-hoon's delicate expressive power as the center. It is a masterpiece that can deeply take on the new charm of Yoo Chae-hoon, which he could not show while working as a classical and crossover singer. Fans who expected Chae-Hoon Yoo's sensibility as a tenor can fall in love with his wider charm, while those who have distanced themselves from his existing music style are expected to fall in love with classy popular music.

Chae-Hoon Yoo's new solo debut was accompanied by Eco Bridge. There is no doubt that the production of Eco Bridge, which elevates the abyss of emotion with delicacy, was a great force in Yoo Chae-hoon's new beginning. Producer that draws out the novelty of ‘me’, not an effort for transformation. The five songs are filled with a single sensibility in the blank space. I wonder if we could have produced results together and conveyed respect to each other.

The album starts with ‘Walking’. The clear keyboard sound and Yoo Chae-hoon's rhyming are all, but the running time of 4 minutes is so thick that it feels like a short run. It is a song of strange charm that leaves a deep impression without a single shout.

Yoo Chae-hoon's walk leads to the title song 'Memories of the Stars'. The song shows the most dramatic development among the songs in the song, and Yoo Chae-hoon's colorful expressive power, which completes the drama, is the core of the song. Although it is a typical ballad song, it deserves a high score in that it was delicately completed while cherishing emotion.

Like the title of the song, 'Breath' begins with a heavy feeling as if breathing out. The heavy sound that fills the whole song is impressive, and Yoo Chae-hoon's long breath, which smoothly drags the heavy sound, stands out.

In the following song, 'Flower', strings replace the heavy sound. It maintains the emotional tone of the whole album, but it is the most passionate in the album. The clear and powerful climax is an emotion that has not been encountered in existing popular music. This song makes Yoo Chae-hoon's activities more anticipated in the popular music scene.

The last track, 'Summer Like This', was produced with a melody attached to a poem that Chae-Hoon Yoo personally wrote a long time ago. It can be seen that Yoo Chae-hoon's emotions expressed throughout the album have been prepared for a long time. A song that turns a hot and fun summer into a warm and peaceful summer. The sounds of birds filling the gaps in the sound are novel and attractive.

As a vocalist, crossover singer, and pop singer, Chae-Hoon Yoo's various activities are expected to unfold while going back and forth between scenes.


1. 1CD (book cover / booklet 104P)
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