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Yerin Baek

Remake Album [Gift]

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Yerin Baek Cover Album [Gift]

Baek Yerin, who has been a hot topic for her various cover live and cover music since her debut, is releasing her remake album [Gift].
This album contains 4 new cover songs that have never been released, including existing songs that were released on personal Soundcloud accounts, and will come as a surprise 'gift' to listeners who have been waiting for the official release of unreleased cover songs. Is expected.
In the artist lineup, 6 musicians loved by both the public and maniacs, such as Toy, Black Skirt, and Nell, were named. You can meet the hidden masterpieces of those who reinterpreted them in Baek Ye-rin's style on the album.


1. Dust jacket, hard cover (135*196mm, rice cake binding)
2. Booklet (Photo, Lyrics – 96page)
3. 1 CD, 1 illustration postcard (random out of 7)
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