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Yerin Baek

Fish (Special Edition) (CD Only)

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Yerin Baek's single 'fish' will be released as a special edition album. This CD is produced in limited quantities, including pre-orders, and is a season album with no plans to be reprinted in the future. You can purchase a CD-only product or an option that includes a keyring component.

Option 1) ‘Fish House’
This is a box-shaped CD album containing the signature fish 'butterfly meat' magnet. It consists of 1 CD, accordion-shaped insert (photo, lyrics 12 pages), and a magnet, and a magnet can be attached to the box lid.

<Song Introduction>
It is Baek Ye-rin's first original Korean album to be released since the EP album of 'Our love is great' in 2019, and it is the first digital single song in 6 years. ‘Fish’ consists of a total of three songs, including the title song ‘Fish’ of the same name, ‘That Was Me’, and ‘Maknae’.
The title 'fish' contains a message to a person who is a little different from others and to the precious person who keeps by my side, and is a modern rock genre with a wide sense of space resembling the sea and a unique rhythm arrangement. It is an album that expresses the purest and unbiased heart of the artist.

1) CD
It is a CD in the shape of a round box that is modeled after a house where fish live. The component ‘butterfly’ fish magnet can be attached to the top of the box lid.
- Cylindrical box (W135.5 × H135.5 × D38 (mm))
- Booklet (Photo, Lyrics – 12page)
- Magnet (W38 × H38 × D19 (mm))
- 1 CD
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