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Light & Shadow (2CD)

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Yang Bang Eon Solo Debut 25th Anniversary 2CD Album [Light & Shadow]

A commemorative album, Light & Shadow, to mark the 25th anniversary of Yang Bang-eon's solo career will be released. It is the eighth album since the release of his first solo album, featuring two CDs of 25 songs. As Yang Bang-eon's 8th solo album, it consists of Light, which contains carefully selected live sound sources from hot performances, and Shadow, a collection of new songs and unreleased video music that he participated in.

Light is an album that contains a variety of songs from band formations held in Korea and Japan to large formations. From 2017 to 2021, in various spaces such as Seoul, Jeju and Tokyo, Japan, with Pf&Key, Tetsuo Sakurai (Bass), Senri Kawaguchi (Drs), Nozomi Furukawa (Gt), Hidetoshi Suzuki (Gt), Christopher Leading performers such as Hardy (Perc) participated.

Starting with the new song 「Meteor ~ Nora」, Shadow contains games, exhibitions, and video music that both languages ​​participated. In addition to the OST music for the RPG games “The Seven Deadly Sins” and “Ark of the Myeongil”, which have been requested by many fans to release the sound source, a studio album containing various video music, including the BGM of the National Museum of Korea’s realistic video hall, and the OST of the Japanese Paralympic documentary “WHO I AM”. am.
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