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WOODZ (Cho Seungyeon)

4th Mini Album [COLORFUL TRAUMA]

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The wounds of various shapes and colors that tormented me have accumulated and healed over time, and now I look back and laugh in ecstasy in the memories that remain so colorful.

The reason the artist ‘WOODZ’ cannot be defined as one thing is probably because he has shown various musical attempts and transformations every time. His abilities and various charms, which he draws as an all-rounder, always create new colors and evolve in various ways, creating a genre called ‘COLORFUL’ WOODZ.

This 4th mini album 'COLORFUL TRAUMA' is composed of songs that focus more on the story WOODZ tells by putting more energy on the music you listen to rather than focusing on the performance. The retro mood contained in the refined sound maximizes the charm of rock-based songs and fascinates the public.

In addition, the song composition with exquisitely adjusted dynamics is cleverly arranged so that you can focus on not only the title song but also all the songs of this album. WOODZ's sensuous lyrics that the title of this album, 'COLORFUL TRAUMA', can come as 'COLORFUL HEALING', paradoxically, does not leave various wounds and pains as trauma, but is just a part of the memory if overcoming it. do. The lyrics written with WOODZ's more mature sensibility make you immerse yourself in the story he tells you the more you think about it.

** Album composition **

2 photobook versions (colorful ver./ trauma ver.)

- Photobook 80p

- CD-R

- 1 random out of 3 post card versions

- Random 3 out of 12 stickers

- 1 type for each version of the folding poster

- Random 2 types out of 12 types for each photo card version
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