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Wonpil (DAY6)

1st Full Album [Pilmography]

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DAY6 Wonpil releases his first full-length solo album 'Pilmography' on February 7, 2022!

- The first full-length solo album that penetrates DAY6 and singer-songwriter Wonpil is released! The music filmography I have accumulated alone!
- "Warm voice + message of comfort" Wonpil's first solo work with artistic sensibility!

DAY6 member Wonpil released her first full-length album 'Pilmography' on February 7 and took her first steps as a solo artist.

Wonpil, who debuted as a band DAY6 in September 2015, has formed a strong sympathy with music fans by consistently displaying his sweet tone, delicate instrumental performance, and music creation ability. He has proven his musical ability by participating in many songs including the group's representative songs such as 'You were pretty', 'Happy days', 'To become one page', and 'Zombie'. In August 2020, Young K and Dowoon formed DAY6's first unit DAY6 (Even of Day) and released two mini albums after that, boasting a broader spectrum. .

In February 2022, Wonpil, who has quietly built up music filmography, delivers deep consolation, touching the hearts of listeners with his warm voice in a solo album that contains the history of growth. The first full-length album 'Pilmography' is the first solo work with a detailed structure, and it not only covers the musical history of the past, but also expands another world through it.

* Detailed specifications

SIZE: 150 X 220mm (2 types, Part Ⅰ ver / Part Ⅱ ver.)

- 1 CD
- Photobook & Envelope (68p)
- Photocard (2 random out of 9)
- Frame photo card
- letter
- Bookmark

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