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Love Synonym #2 : Right for Us

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WONHO 1ST MINI ALBUM PART. 2 <Love Synonym #2: Right for Us>

-'K-Pop's Choice' Wonho, a global artist beyond Korea

-Title song'Lose', Universe of unrivaled sexy performer Wonho


Wonho, who took the first successful step as a solo artist, opens his own world once again. 'Love Synonym #2: Right for Us' is his 2nd solo mini-album, which was well received for his unique attractive performance, vocals, and producing skills. It is a series of series of'Love Synonym', which regains freedom through loss and hope, and gave a new definition of love. If the previous work was the meaning of the release as a solo artist, this time I expressed a stronger universe of Wonho.

The title song'Lose' represents Wonho's sexy and emotional image. As it is said, it is an electronic pop track that conveys a mysterious charm by combining the vocals whispering, a heavy sound with a retro sensibility, and Wonho's understated sexy beauty. A man who has lost love drew the story that he was born again after overcoming the trauma and facing the real me.

In addition, the music video using implicit fantasy elements strongly conveys a man's struggle to escape his nightmare. It is enough to engrave the new image of solo artist and performer Wonho by sequentially drawing changes in emotion. Despite its minimal composition, this song conveys a full sound and tension at the same time, and is also included in the English version.

The album contains 8 songs that allow you to experience Wonho's infinite charm. Wonho participated in 5 songs including the title song'Lose', and as his producer, he revealed his music color deeply, digested various genres, and highlighted his image as a trend setter. He tried to build his own domain through rebellious music that also stimulates his sad feelings.

The charming bass and dreamy Future R&B song'Devil' gives a mysterious atmosphere, and'BEST SHOT', which is represented by the song'Hit me with your best shot', is youthful, and the name of Wonho's fan club ' The song'WENEED' conceived from'WENEE' contains the sincerity for the fans and the people around him who sent infinite affection. In addition,'Ain't About You', with the participation of American female singer-songwriter Kiiara, is a song that expresses the stylish feeling of Wonho, who seems restrained and refined.

Wonho achieved meaningful results through his solo debut album'Love Synonym # 1: Right for Me' last year. Starting with No. 1 on the iTunes World Wide Album Chart, it has topped the iTunes charts and Billboard World Digital Song Sales charts in 30 countries. British digital magazine DAZED and American famous magazine Teen Vogue are K-pop artists to watch. Pointed. Wonho, who can afford to expand his own world, dreams of another leap forward as a multi-artist.


*Album specifications

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