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Wonho <WONHO> -EP album [DAY DREAMIN’] ‘Daydream
A melody of pure soul that penetrates into the heart.
The emergence of an extreme case of young musicianship and popularity in the minimal code era!
1 Island- The song “Ireland”, which is composed of a line that gives an extreme melodic sense, has a good melody and popularity that is easy enough to make you feel as if you have heard it somewhere.
It has such a familiar and popular composition.
As a 23-year-old young man, the retro sensibility of all the songs is a glimpse into how many songs he read and pondered as a child.
Wonho, who says that he is an artist who cannot grow without love, is whispering the love he had experienced on the island on a sweet melody, saying that the theme of all his songs is love.
2 RAIN- From the passage that the theme of all songs is love, you can guess that the song "Rain" is a farewell song.
It is a farewell line written while drawing only beautiful memories at the time of love and breakup at the age of 20, and it is a song that properly mixes Bruce, folk, and rock elements.
3 Stay with me - Premonition of parting that I knew in advance that that person would leave
A song that made the 20-year-old Wonho mature by a span of time with the breakup due to his immaturity, freshness, and anxiety.
A minimal melody on an understated acoustic guitar. The simplest and most minimalist, but with the best taste and freshness that can be heard in the ear.
An extreme song that shows that the friendly popularity of the minimal sound shows that the artist Wonho is a genius of minimal music!
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