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WINNER 3rd FULL ALBUM [Remember]

WINNER, who was loved by his third mini-album [CROSS] in October 2019, will release his third full-length album [Remember] on April 10, 2020.

The 3rd regular album'Remember' is an album made with the meaning of remembering each other with the fans. In this album, a total of 12 songs were included, including the pre-released "Moxa", and you can enjoy Jinwoo's solo song "Tuk" and Seunghoon's solo song "Serenade", which he performed at the 2014 Melon Music Awards (MMA). The title song ‘Remember’ of this album is a song that was collaborated by Song Min-ho, Kang Wook-jin and Diggy, who worked together such as ‘MILLIONS’ and ‘AH YEAH’.

WINNER has been loved by the public with various colors of music from'MILLIONS' to mini albums'WE','CROSS' and Kim Jin-woo's solo'JINU's HEYDAY' throughout 2019. I ran breathlessly to the'CROSS TOUR' held in.

According to WINNER's wish that it would be a'precious gift' for fans, through this album'Remember', we look back on the precious memories we had with WINNER over the past time and look forward to the stories with WINNER that we will make in the future.

WINNER 3rd FULL ALBUM [Remember] is YOU ver. and US ver. It will be released in a total of two versions, and will start pre-order on March 18th, and can be found at YG Select and other online/offline music stores nationwide on April 10th.



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* SIZE: 250*253*11* Configuration-CD + Tracklist & Signed Acrylic Board + Lyrics Pocket + Large Photo Card Set (12ea) + Photo Card Set (10ea) + Random Polaroid Set (6ea / 1 of 4) + Handwritten Letter Set (4ea)

-Random polaroid set includes 1 out of 4 randomly regardless of version.

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