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Whee In

Mini 1st album [Redd]

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Wheein Minnie ReddWheein, an artist with unrivaled tone, releases his first mini album [Redd]My own values ​​that are colorfully colored like watercolors,'I look good together!'


In September 2019, Whee-in clearly imprinted the side of an emotional vocalist through the title song'Let's Break up' of his single album [Soar].After about one year and seven months later, she completed her first mini album [Redd], which was different from her previous work, and finished preparations to show the wider musical spectrum in splendor and splendor.


Wheein's first mini-album [Redd] is telling us to get rid of the colorless and false tastes attached to the body and mind (Redd), and to reveal the “I” (Red) that he truly wants. In the concept film that was first released, it was a white and pretty space without any point, but it was filled with Wheein's tastes, gestures, facial expressions, and scent, showing that even if it was messed up, even it was “Wheein.


Wheein wanted to show the colorful world of music that he could digest by directly participating in the work of most of the songs in this album, and showed his artistic sense through artwork throughout the album. For such a long time, the watercolor painter, which has been cherished and refined and painted with clear colors, has been completed into a single work called [Redd].


The title song'water color' is a song with a deep addiction, with the addition of Wheein's tickling and rich vocals on the trendy beat based on New Jack Swing. This song, reminiscent of paintings with fresh colored paints with a light brush touch, conveys a bold message to the listeners that it is okay to paint over and over again, so that my values ​​are drawn even more deeply.'Water Color (English Ver.)', which is the first English version of the song to be released and will capture the hearts of global fans, is available first as a physical album, and will be released on the sound source site later. In addition to the title song,'TRASH (Feat. pH-1)', which has a strange tension by directly expressing the bad imaginations of the two in a few steps, and'OHOO,' a drowsy and sweet moment with the eyes of a cat, Como. ','Butterfly (Feat. GSoul)', which expresses the feelings of confusion with others in the same way as the wings of a butterfly, and'Springtime to you (Springtime )', and'NO THANKS', which conveys understanding and sympathy to those who continue unrequited love. Wheein's [Redd] is filled with various and bright colors like the light passing through a prism.


The music video for the title song was held by director Hobin, who showed the sensational mise-en-scene. The monotonous and regular structures and the harmony of various colors that catch the eye come in a sense that reminds me of a fashion film. You will face yourself breathing with Sinabro Wheein through the structure of a well-structured story, while capturing your attention from one cut to another.


We may be trapped in a color that we say is our taste to explain to someone.I hope that through [Redd], I will have the courage to paint the world with my true colors that I may have forgotten.





*Album specifications

-OUT PACKAGE: 219x290x15mm

-CD-R: 118x118mm

-PHOTO BOOK: 215x285mm / 140p

-TICKET: 55x140mm / Insert 1 type

-LENTICULAR CARD: 55x85mm / 1 type inserted

-STICKER SET: 98x150mm / 1 type inserted

-PHOTO CARD: 55x85mm / Random insertion of 1 type out of 12 types

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