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Weki Meki


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01.COOL[Lyrics: Jieun Lee (Music Cube, Inc.), Miseong (Music Cube, Inc.), Suran Lee, Hyeyum Lee (Jam Factory), Dali (Music Cube, Inc.), ZNEE (Music Cube, Inc.) / Composition : Jake K (ARTiffect), Ylva Dimberg, Jere Särkkä / Arrangement: Jake K (ARTiffect)]The title song'COOL' is a dance song with a groovy rhythm, an attractive bass line, and a cool synth sound, and expresses the bold aspiration and confidence to show a new look of Weki Meki away from the existing style and fixed frame.


02. Sweet Dreams[Lyrics: Yunkyung Cho, Audi Mok, Tysha Tiar / Composition: RHeaT(CODE 9), Audi Mok, Tysha Tiar / Arrangement: RHeaT(CODE 9)]It is a dance song based on Future Bass that evokes a mysterious atmosphere. It is a song that expresses the magical and magical night story of a fairy tale where Peter Pan flies with Wendy toward Neverland.


03. D-DAY[Lyrics: Hotsauce / Composition: Kim Mong-i, Ciara Muscat / Arrangement: Kim Mong-i]It is a song that contains both the shyness going to confess the heart and the courageous approach towards the other person. It is a song that stands out with a minimalistic arrangement based on an acoustic guitar and the pure tone of each member of WikiMiki.


04. Just Us[Lyrics: Lina, Lucy, Choi Yoojung / Composition: Jisooyeon, Village / Arrangement: real-fantasy]It is a warm, acoustic medium pop song that contains the time spent together from the days of Weki Miki's trainees until now in a sweet piano sound. In particular, the members participated in the composition and lyrics of the song, and the meaning was extraordinary, and the memories of that time were captured with the lyrical sensibility of WikiMiki.

05. 100 FACTS (COOL Eng. Ver.)[Lyrics: Ylva Dimberg / Music: Jake K (ARTiffect), Ylva Dimberg, Jere Särkkä / Arranged: Jake K (ARTiffect)]It is an English euphemism version of the title song <COOL>, which is released for the first time after debut, and conveys the message ‘Let’s have fun and enjoy!’ and shows a different charm from the Korean version.


* Album specifications

-Cover: 250x180mm

-Photobook: 72p / 250x180mm (Images vary by version)

-CD-R: Insert 1 type (images differ by version)

-Tag Card: Insert random one out of four / 50x150mm (images differ by version)

-Photo card: Insert random one out of 8 / 55x85mm (images vary by version)



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