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Weki Meki

5th Mini Album [I AM ME.]

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A story about ‘me’ in my 20s as well as ‘me’ as a singer

Weki Meki, who has constantly challenged themselves with various concepts for each album, will release a new album in about a year and a month.

In this album, members participated in various fields to tell their story. Member Kim Do-yeon also participated in the planning of the overall album concept and mood film, and the narration of the mood film was written by all members themselves, unraveling a calm and deep story.

Weki Meki, which celebrated its 4th anniversary this year, is expected to be a new turning point by capturing the image of themselves as they are.

* Album Specifications

- COVER : 160 x 215 mm / 1 type

- PHOTO BOOK : 150 x 210 mm / 1 type (136p)

- CD-R : 1 type

- STICKER : 100 x 140 mm / Insert 1 type

- POSTCARD : 90 x 125 mm / Random 1 type out of 8 types

- 4 CUT PHOTO : 50 x 150 mm / Random 1 type out of 4 types
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