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1st Mini Album [IDENTITY : First Sight]

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WEi 1st Mini Album [IDENTITY : First Sight]

- Release of [IDENTITY: First Sight], the prelude to WEi's own series, to know the identity!
- Not only the title song 'TWILIGHT', but also the sub-title song 'Fuze', a self-composed song by leader Daehyun Jang.
A preview of the passion of youth unique to WEi!
- All members of WEi participated in writing lyrics as well as designing the performance of the title song! Expectations for the second half of the year appear!

“It felt like we were one at first sight.”
The first meeting of the six members of WEi on their big journey,
Six young people who decided to become one in the name of WEi
It is the first album that depicts the passion of youth to become one like fate.
The beginning of a series to discover the identity of We.I.

[Magic Hour]
As the setting sun sets, the time that is neither day nor night is called “the time between the dog and the wolf.”
It's because I can't tell if the object approaching me is a 'dog' or a 'wolf'.

Just before the setting sun sets and night comes, energetic and pure like a large dog,
It is expressed in the content that six boys, strong and sensual like wolves, enter the hearts of fans.

[Music Video - Rotation]

You can check out WEi's 'Magic Hour' in more detail through the music video.
The music video in the background, where the earth stops and the two lights coexist, and the time of WEi, begins with the main concept of 'the rotation of the earth', three people chasing a star and three people chasing a butterfly meet in the middle of the earth. It beautifully expresses the time when boys from opposite sides of the world face each other.


1. TWILIGHT *Title
Lyrics by Hui, Flow Blow, Daehyun Jang
Composed by Flow Blow, HUI (PENTAGON)
Arranged by Flow Blow

This is a pop song with an alternative R&B element, and is a collaboration between producer duo Flow Blow and Hui.

A ‘butterfly’ that can be expressed as the most delicate and prettiest of winged living things. The lyrics depict such butterflies flying through space or the twilight sky in search of stars. As mentioned in the Pre chorus part, it contains the ambitious aspiration of ‘We are living a miracle, and let’s go to build a monument tonight!’

A star blooming in Twilight. It is the story of the main characters who go towards a dramatic happy ending to embrace Sirius, the brightest star among them.

Lyrics by Yuri Jo (Jam Factory), Daehyun Jang, Yohan Kim
Composed by Young Chance, PUFF, Deokgeun Kwon
Arranged by PUFF, Kwon Deok-geun

It is a song of the Future Pop genre based on the New Jack Swing rhythm, expressing the love that makes me sing "Do Remi Fa Sol Sido" when I see you.

3. Tail Star (TIMELESS)
Lyrics by OUOW, Jang Dae-hyun, Yoo Yu-ha
Composed by OUOW
Arranged by OUOW

The Korean word for comet, which comes to Earth once every few years or more than a thousand years.

After hanging around countless times with their fans in their respective places through various activities, they are finally starting anew as We.I. It is a fan song that promises to change this precious moment into eternity so that it does not go away again like the original fate of Tailed Star.

Produced by the producing team OUOW, 'Tailed Star' was completed with the participation of WEi members as a more brilliant song.

4. I want to hug you (Hug You)
Lyrics by VENDORS, Jang Dae-hyun, Kim Dong-han, Kim Jun-seo
Composed by VENDORS
Arranged by VENDORS

It is a dance song based on the Future genre. It is a song that harmonizes with a mournful yet dreamy code and a calm and elegant vocal line. The flute sound at the beginning adds a dreamy feeling, and the pre chorus and bridge pad sounds maximize the sadness of the song. The overall song's progress seems monotonous, but the wins and downs are clearly divided, showing a stable progression, adding to the mood of the song with regrets from the past and a message of hope for the future.

5. Hwa Seon Do (Fuze) ( Daehyun Jang) *Sub Title
Lyrics by Daehyun Jang, RYVNG (Stupid Squad), Maynine (Stupid Squad), Seokhwa Kang
Composed by Daehyun Jang, RYVNG (Stupid Squad), Maynine (Stupid Squad)
Arranged by Daehyun Jang, RYVNG (Stupid Squad), Maynine (Stupid Squad)

It is a magnificent EDM genre song that marks the beginning of 'WEi' as a song with an alluring string sound on top of the Future Bass genre. It is also a song produced, composed and arranged by leader Daehyun Jang.

*Album Specifications
- Photobook: 132p / 1 out of 6 random cover (images are different for each version)
- CD: 1ea (images are different for each version)
- Accordion Folding Booklet: Insert 1 type (images are different for each version)
- Polaroid: Random insertion of 1 type out of 6 types (images are different for each version)
- Postcard: 1 out of 6 types randomly inserted (images are different for each version)
- Bookmark: Randomly insert 1 out of 6 types (same image for each version)
- Photocard: randomly inserted 2 types out of 18 types (images are different for each version)
- Folded individual poster: randomly inserted 1 out of 6 types (same image for each version)
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