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2nd Mini Album [We can]

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Thrilling excitement like a roller coaster, the growth of'Weekly' that is expected every dayWeekly 2nd Mini Album [We can]

Girl group'Weeekly' presents another week of excitement and excitement with their second mini album [We can].

'Weeekly', which debuted with the first mini-album [We are] in June, attracted attention as a girl group that PlayM Entertainment released in 10 years. The music video for their debut song'Tag Me (@Me)' exceeded 10 million views on YouTube within 7 days of release, and recorded the most album sales among the debut new girl group in 2020. He emerged as a'super rookie' as he was recognized for its unique healthy energy.


'Weekly', which caught the attention of global K-POP fans, continues their bright and healthy charm, which started with [We are] in the second mini album [We can]. [We can] is based on the color of the school concept, and it contains the daily life of a lively and energetic teenager.


*Album specifications-ALBUM: 2 types (Orb ver. / Wave ver.)-BOOKLET: 92P / (Images vary by version)-CD: Insert 1 type (images differ by version)-PHOTO CARD: Random insertion of 1 out of 7 types (images differ by version)-PLANET PHOTO CARD: Random insertion of 1 type out of 8 (images differ by version)-MESSAGE CARD: Random insertion of one of 49 types (same image for each version)-STICKER PACK: 1 type inserted (images differ by version)



-SPECIAL TICKET: 1 type random insertion (same image for each version)(Since only part of the total quantity is inserted randomly, it is not inserted into the total quantity.)


-REAL POLAROID PHOTO: 1 type random insertion(Since only part of the initial quantity is inserted randomly, it is not inserted into the total quantity.)

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