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1st Mini Album [We are]

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What if we meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday? Every day is a new and special week!
Weeekly Debut Album [We are]

PlayM Entertainment's first girl group in 10 years, 'Weeekly', is a popular program in JTBC's 'Mix Nine' in 2018, including Lee Soo-jin, girl center, Monday, Jihan, Shin Jiyoon, Park Soeun, Zoa, It is a new girl group consisting of 7 members including Jaehee Lee. Despite the young age of 17 years on average, he has been receiving explosive attention from global K-POP fans even before his debut, showing his solid skills that have been honed over a long period of practice and the lively charm of a teenager.

Through their debut album [We are], ‘Weekly’ tried to show “as it is” through music and performances of ordinary but special teenage girls’ daily life and unique bright and healthy energy. In particular, including 'Weeekly Day', an intro song that announces the official start of girl group 'Weekly', a song by member Shin Ji-yoon, who has shown outstanding musical talent even before debut, 'Universe', 'Tag Me (@Me)', ' It contains a total of 5 tracks that show the members' colorful charms and honesty and boldness, such as 'Hello' and 'Reality'.

*Album Specifications
- ALBUM: 1 type
- BOOKLET: 1 type / 82P
- CD: 1 type
- PHOTO CARD: Insert 2 types (1 type randomly inserted out of 7 types per version)
- POLAROID PHOTO CARD: Random insertion of 1 type out of 7 types
- STICKER PACK: Insert 1 type

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