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MINI 2ND ALBUM [Take Over The Moon]

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Chinese popular group Weision V,Second mini-album “Take Over The Moon” released!


From addictive title songs to unique unit songs...

Richer album compositionAt the same time as the release on October 29th, the second mini-album'Take Over The Moon' of WayV, which is gaining hot popularity by dominating the Chinese and global music charts, will be released on the 21st. Also released as.Weision V's second mini album, “Take Over The Moon,” is enough to stimulate the emotions and curiosity of music fans from the album name.

'Take Over The Moon' is an extension of the first mini-album'Take Off' with the conviction and aspiration to soar high, and Weision V, who has completed a splendid flight, arrives at the destination with a strong determination to further solidify his own music world. Is contained.The second mini-album'Take Over The Moon' includes a total of 6 songs, including the title song'Ten选之城 (Moonwalk)', which has been upgraded with the fresh and addictive charm of Weitian V's music, and a unique unit song. It is also worth noting that the music has become more abundant. In addition, Weision V's members HENDERY and YANGYANG directly participated in the lyrics work to add a special touch to the album.Weision V has established itself as a “skillful idol group” in the Chinese music industry with its own unique color and intense performance through various musical stages, so the second mini-album'Take Over The' contains a stronger music world. Moon' is enough to make a big repercussion in the Chinese music industry once again.

On the other hand, Weision V's second mini album, “Take Over The Moon,” will start pre-sale at domestic online music stores from the 8th.



*Album specifications 

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2. 1 booklet

3. One random gift out of 7 photo cards4.Random 1 gift out of 7 Circle Cards

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