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2nd Mini Album 'Summer Vibe' (Jewel Case) [Shinbi ver.]

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VIVIZ - The 2nd Mini Album 'Summer Vibe'

A different summer of VIVIZ, a complete girl group that showed you intense days, begins.

VIVIZ announced a successful start with their first mini-album 'Beam Of Prism' in February, winning two music broadcasts within a week of their release immediately after their debut.

In addition, at the same time as her debut, she appeared on Mnet's contest program 'Queendom 2' and presented a high-quality stage at every contest stage with the color of BB, receiving favorable reviews from the public. VIVIZ returns with The 2nd Mini Album 'Summer Vibe' after about 5 months.

VIVIZ's second mini-album 'Summer Vibe' is an album that depicts VIVIZ's own summer through a total of 6 different songs, including the title song 'LOVEADE' with an attractive plump beat.

In particular, the title song 'LOVEADE', a funky retro pop-based dance song, is an attractive song with an addictive hook that evokes a midsummer atmosphere, and contains VIVIZ's unique refreshing and refreshing summer atmosphere.

You can expect a different summer from VIVIZ, which opened a new narrative and showed the group's unique identity with an intense performance that emphasizes the team color and trendy music.


Lyrics by Yubin Hwang, DEEZ (SOULTRiii & Amplified), SAAY (SOULTRiii)

Composed by DEEZ (SOULTRiii & Amplified), SAAY (SOULTRiii)

Arranged by DEEZ (SOULTRiii & Amplified)

The title song 'LOVEADE', which has an attractive bouncing beat, is a funky retro pop-based dance song, and the expression comparing the love of two people to a refreshing ade is impressive. The addictive hook of the catchy phrase VIVIZ sings creates a midsummer atmosphere.


Lyrics by Isran

Composed by Tommy Park, Antti Oikarinen, Andreas Öberg, Maria Marcus

Arranged by Antti Oikarinen, Tommy Park

'SIESTA' is a pop dance song with an impressive 90s-style funky guitar riff.

3. Party Pop

Lyrics by Jo Yoon-kyung

Composed by Caroline Gustavsson, Joe Chen, AVENUE 52

Arranged by Joe Chen

‘Party Pop’ is an up-tempo sound song that creates synergy with the melodies hooked by harmonies unfolding in a changing rhythm and blends with the lyrics of colorful visual expressions to create a fun party unique to VIVIZ.

4. Love Love Love

Lyrics by C'SA

Composed by dani, C'SA

Arranged by dani

‘Love Love Love’ is a deep house song with an up-tempo sound that borrows the 2-step genre, and the dynamic composition of the sections and the simple yet rhythmic melody meet VIVIZ’s more mature vocals to express a dreamy musical color.


Lyrics by Ellie Suh (153/Joombas)

Composed by DEEZ (SOULTRiii & Amplified), Daniel “Obi” Klein, Charlie Taft

Arranged by DEEZ (SOULTRiii & Amplified), Daniel “Obi” Klein

#FLASHBACK is an urban R&B genre song featuring a retro synth pad and a new jack swing vibe. The metaphorical lyrics that compare the recollection of a summer night with a lover to the characteristic element of # (hashtag) and the harmony of the vocals of the VIVIZ members are on the track. improved perfection.

6. Dancing

Lyrics by Hwang Hyun (MonoTree)

Composed by Hwang Hyeon (MonoTree), Elijah Baker

Arranged by Hwang Hyun (MonoTree), Elijah Baker

‘Dance’ is a ballad song depicting lovers dancing while leaning against each other in a dark room like an empty stage.

Maximize the beauty of the melody.

*Album Specifications

- Booklet: W120xH120mm / 16P (Design differs for each version)

- CD: 1 type (different design for each version)

- Photo card: W55xH85mm / Random insertion of 1 type out of 15 types (same design for each version)

- Group photo card: W55xH85mm / random insertion of 1 out of 5 types (same design for each version)

- Sticker: W100xH100mm / 1 type (same design for each version)
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