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Vivid Round Neck Overfit Dumble Sweat Shirt (4color)

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"When you want to give a point with a vivid color~♡
Trendy vivid color bushy wool fluffy sweat shirt "

The inner material is made of elastic thick mesh material, so it is not rough when worn and has good heat retention, so it is a sweat shirt that wraps softly and warmly :)
As well as casual denim or slacks, it's an over-fit, so if you coordinate it with leggings or skirts, it's a pretty item that looks like it's not decorated!
As it is winter season, it is designed to fit the round neck line, and it is a child who gives a soft feeling, and it is good to use it comfortably as a body cover look.

It goes well with casual outers such as padded vests and padded jumpers~
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