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VICTON 2nd Single Album 【Mayday】VICTON's rescue signal in front of dangerous love, “Mayday”“VICTON”’s second single album [Mayday], which makes a super-fast comeback 3 months after “Howling,” is released.In the form of a single album, [Mayday], which is released after two years, is a word that means to ask for help or rescue, and it means to save from this dangerous bond of love. The song'New World' from the 5th mini album, which was greatly loved by the public and fans, including the title song of the genre that Victon newly unveiled, was created as'New World (new ver.)' by adding the voice of Han Seung-woo. , Was recorded as CD ONLY.The title song'Mayday' of the 2nd single album 【Mayday】 is created by writers such as Peter Rycroft and Jesper Borgen, producers of world-famous artists such as Dua Lipa, Zedd, and Ann-Marie. This song was created in collaboration for VICTON, and is a future sound-based alternative R&B genre that VICTON tried for the first time. I know you are in the process of a dangerous love that can see the end, but the lyrics say that you are too happy now, and while sending a rescue signal with the word'Mayday', the feeling that you do not want to wait for the rescue is expressed in various lyrics I did it.


*Album specifications

-PHOTO BOOK: 76p (different design by version)

-CD: Random insertion of 1 out of 7 types (different design by version)

-PHOTO CARD: Randomly insert 1 out of 7 types (different design by version)

-POSTCARD (Film cut ver.): Randomly insert one of 14 types (same design for each version)

-PAPER STAND: Random insertion of 1 out of 7 types (same design for each version)

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