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The comeback of “VICTON,” a voice for a new world!


Ready rookie “VICTON,” ready to jump to a higher place!


【READY】 of “VICTON,” announcing the beginning of becoming a true artist


Plan A Entertainment’s new boy group “VICTON” is releasing their second mini album [READY].


The new boy group “VICTON,” who opened the door to a new world with the first mini album “Voice To New World,” has returned with the second mini album 【READY】. In order to become a true artist, VICTON, which is attracting attention as the best expectant in 2017, completed the album [READY] with the meaning of ‘ready to leap to a little higher place.’ In this album, we tried to show differentiated music unique to VICTON, and the participation of the best writers at home and abroad and the members' enhanced vocals and rap add to the expectations.


The title track [EYEZ EYEZ] is the work of'BEOMxNANG', which was in harmony with the title track of Victon's debut album,'Pretend It's Nothing' and'What time is it now?'. [EYEZ EYEZ], which contains a song about'eyes' as the song title suggests, is a realistic boyfriend's point of view of the lyrics of asking a girlfriend to show her pretty eyes when she is not focused on her cell phone. . The beat feeling that can show a unique performance is impressive, and on top of it, future synths are placed to complete the arrangement to blend well with a complex yet addictive melody. Starting with a minimal composition of synths and drums, the chorus part has a composition that can be burst with a future synth set, and the intro and outro are composed in a subtle atmosphere, revealing the color of VICTON. 【EYEZ EYEZ】 will be a work that will satisfy the eyes and ears of listeners, heralds the birth of'Eye Purifying Stone' and'Gaze-Strengthening Stone' in 2017.


In addition to the title song, a ratchet-based dance song [IN THE AIR] that captures the ambition of capturing fans with VICTON's distinctive charm, and a refreshing dance song [Ulta] with interesting lyrics starting from the words'Eoltanda', VICTON's distinctive distinction includes [This Bad..], which contains the feeling of sorry for the lover with a grooved and refined track and VICTON's own vocals and raps, and the R&B ballad [SUNRISE] with the lyrics written with the sincere heart of leader Seung-woo. There are a total of 5 songs containing music.




-20cm (width) x 20cm (length) x 18mm (thickness)

-Insert 1 type of photo card (1 type randomly inserted out of 14 types)

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