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VICTON - MINI 6TH ALBUM [Continuous]

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01_ NightmareLyrics by JQ, Lee Ji-won (makeumine works), Han Seung-woo, Do Han-seComposed, Arranged by Ryan Jeon, Tim Tan‘Nightmare’ is a dark hip-hop genre with a fresh keyboard route added to the future bass. The dream, which became the only channel through which you can meet your nostalgic lover, and the pain of a moment when you are aware of reality are captured in a song and unfolded in a dreamy atmosphere.“In a constant nightmare, I wish you could hear my Howling on a full moon night.”


02_ HowlingLyrics by Nano, Hidden Sound (HSND), Hangang (HSND), Do Hanse, WWWComposed by Hidden Sound (HSND), Hangang (HSND), Nano, WWWArranged by Hidden Sound (HSND), Hangang (HSND), WWWThe title song'Howling' is a song that harmonizes the sound effect of the rock guitar sound and sad cry with a hip-hop-based beat. Expressed implicitly in the word'Howling', it was completed as an emotional performance song that shows VICTON's unique seojungminess and strength.


03_ All I KnowLyrics by Taejoo Kim, Chan Heo, Hanse DoComposed, Arranged by Taejoo KimThe medium-tempo R&B-style song “All I Know” with acoustic sound is a delicate expression of the moment of separation with each emotion line. Although it was painful and painful in the situation of a realistic and naked breakup contained in the lyrics, the VICTON members sang with embarrassing emotions.


04_ PetalLyrics by Seungwoo Han, Seungsik Kang, Hanse DoComposed by Moohyuk Byun, Seungwoo Han, Seungsik KangArranged by Moohyuk Byun'Petal' is an alternative dance song with an alternative R&B sensibility, and Han Seung-woo and Kang Seung-sik participated in the lyrics and composition. Flowers always bloom and fall, but as the flowering season returns again, the message that we will be together forever, and as if the falling petals do not disappear and continue to accumulate, it contains the desire to remember every moment of us.


05_White NightLyrics by Kigen (X&), BYMORE (X&), Han Seung-woo, Lim Se-jun, Do Han-seComposed by Kigen(X&), BYMORE(X&)Arranged by BYMORE(X&)'White Night' is a song in which the emotional vocals of VICTON stand out in a calm atmosphere created by a sweet piano riff and soft string melody, expressing a night where the whole world turns white thanks to your light that illuminates me even on a black night . Even in the dark season, I sing my heart that you, who filled me with love and warmth, and who became the light, will be by my side so that I do not feel lonely.


*Album specifications

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-CD: 1 type (different design by version)

-PHOTO BOOK: 112P / 1 type (different cover design by version / same image)

-LYRIC BOOK: 16P / Randomly insert one of three types (same image for each version)

-TRANSPARENT FILM: Random insertion of one of two types (same image for each version)

-PHOTO CARD: Random insertion of 1 type out of 7 (images differ by version

-AR PHOTO CARD: Random insertion of one of 7 types (same image for each version)

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VICTON - MINI 6TH ALBUM [Continuous]
$14.90 USD
$14.90 USD

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