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MINI 5TH ALBUM [nostalgia]

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VICTON 5th Mini Album 【nostalgia】An album containing past love and longing for peopleVICTON's faint voice singing farewell, “Nostalgic Night”


VICTON, who walked unevenly through the gap of 1 year and 6 months, finally makes a comeback with the 5th mini album, [nostalgia], after waiting for the crowd.


[Nostalgia], which means nostalgia for something nostalgic, is an extension of [Owol-ae] released last year, and it is an album that has a faint and lyrical atmosphere. In this album, we tried new and sophisticated genres that VICTON did not show, including the title song'Nostalgic Night', and improved the completeness of the album by showing each member's capabilities to the maximum.


The title song “Nostalgia” of the 5th mini album [nostalgia] is a song by BXN, the first member to compose the composition, and BXN, which boasts the best chemistry with VICTON, from VICTON's debut song'Pretend Nothing' to'Non'. In order to draw an emotional and powerful dual element in the'Nostalgic Night', the slow beat of Trap BPM is added with a future-like synth, and a perfect harmony is achieved with emotional pads and guitar.'Nostalgic Night', which simultaneously means'Night' for you and'Night' for you and I long for you, expresses a night full of extreme pain, longing, loneliness, and nostalgia for the past with embarrassing and desperate lyrics. The lyrical feeling was added to the rap of the song, and the perfect song was completed.


In addition to the title song, “Intro (nostalgia)” that opens the door to 【nostalgia】, the song “New World” with impressive lyrics that compares VICTON's new leap to the beginning of another world, who can no longer be together Electronic pop "Because I'm Worried" that conveys emotions calmly to each other, Acoustic pop ballad song "Here I am" that contains a message that Vikton and Alice support each other, and an exciting song from the Future House genre with a sensational synth sound. There are a total of 6 songs up to “Hands up”.


During the 1-year and 6-month hiatus, VICTON, who was more desperate for albums and stages than anyone else, had some changes, but it became even harder and returned.For the fans and the public who have been waiting for a long time, I hope that they will give out a loud cheering voice so that they can laugh to their heart's content.


*Album specifications-Sleeve and Outbox: 1 type (different design by version)-Booklet: 80P / 1 type (different design by version)-CD: 1 type (different design by version)-Personal photo card: Randomly insert 1 out of 6 types (different design by version)-Personal message card: Randomly insert 1 out of 6 types (same design for each version)-Fold poster: Randomly insert 1 out of 3 (same design for each version)

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