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7th Mini Album [Chaos] (DIGIPACK Ver.)

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VICTON 7th Mini Album 【Chaos】

An album containing a story of chaos and confusion living in a determined future

A whisper of love from VICTON to those who greet the night ‘Stupid O’clock’

VICTON, who presented 'Chronograph' as the first chapter of the 'Time Trilogy' series earlier this year, will release their 7th mini album [Chaos] after 4 months.

This album [Chaos] is a continuation of the story of [Chronograph], in which the members who lived after being chased by time escaped the space and tried to live as the subject of time [Chronograph]. It is an album that contains a story of confusion and chaos living by accepting the future that has been set for me without being able to become myself.

*Album Specifications

- DIGIPACK : 1 type

- CD + FOLDING POSTER: Insert one random out of six

- PHOTOBOOK : 1 type

- PHOTOCARD: Insert one random out of six
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