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-You and I, we sing precious memories together, VAV 6th Mini Album <MADE FOR TWO>-Singing the promise of unchanging love in the future VAV 6th Mini Album <MADE FOR TWO>-A meeting of beautiful Scandinavian sensibility and KPOP, <MADE FOR TWO>


VAV, a group that has grown into a global Hallyu stone by showing upgraded musicality and performance every year, has returned to the 6th Mini Album <MADE FOR TWO> with moderation and balance in the fall of 2020 again.VAV's 6th Mini Album <MADE FOR TWO> is the title song'MADE FOR TWO' with the same name as the album, and VAV members' own songs'Into You','Moto','Hold Tight','You Taught Me' It is composed of 5 songs including'Love', and VAV's artistic side stands out with the high participation of the members and a wide music spectrum.The title song'MADE FOR TWO' is a song with a mysterious Nordic sensibility that balances shuffle-based rhythm and Scandinavian pop. The harmony of the lyrics and the epic and rich melody are impressive, reminiscent of the happy past time before the breakup and looking forward to the day we meet again.The taste and meaning will be even greater if you join the 6th Mini Album <MADE FOR TWO>, feeling the memories of the last 5 years with VAV, love, separation, and promise to meet again.



Photo Book/Booklet 150X210 / 120P

Digipack, 6 Track one CD, 1 type

Photo card 55 × 85 (mm) 1 random (1 out of 7 types)

Polaroid 86 x 72 (mm) 1 random (1 out of 7 types)

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