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-Endless changes in global group VAV, inflicting new critical hits like poison <POISON>-VAV's 5th mini-album <POISON> returns with a deep autumn sensibility


Last summer, following'Give me more', which heated the world with passionate Latin performance, VAV perfectly transformed into an autumn man who bears the pain of parting after 3 months with the fifth mini-album <POISON> on October 21. Come back.VAV's 5th mini-album <POISON>, from the title song'Poison', which depicts a broken man's sorrowful heart, to '119' composed by hitmaker Pentagon's Hui, and'Runway', expressing the hip sensibility of VAV member Ano, The album consists of 5 songs, including'Sweet Heart', the first self-composed song released by member Ace, that allows you to feel the deeper sensibility and broader musical spectrum of VAV.


The title song'Poison' is a pop ballad that expresses the sadness that leaks from the end of a terrible love that has turned like poison. The groovy trap beat that starts with the sound of the rain and the fatal and sad sensibility of VAV are harmonized, capturing the listener's emotions at once.VAV's fifth mini-album <POISON>, which has returned with deep autumn sensibility, is expected to further upgraded growth and new transformation of VAV.



■ Album composition

Photobook/Booklet 159 × 159 (mm) / 88P

Digipack, 5 Track one CD, 1 type

Photo card 55 × 85 (mm) 1 random (1 out of 7 types)

Fold poster 314 x 417 (mm)

Random 1 (1 out of 8)

Record size: 166 × 166 × 15.5 (mm)

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