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MINI 4TH ALBUM [Thrilla Killa]

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Transformed into a killer who fell in love... VAV 4TH mini album <THRILLA KILLA>

The fourth mini-album <THRILLA, the fourth mini-album <THRILLA, which has become more masculine and provocative, with global rookie VAV, which has been active by successfully completing a world tour covering 28 performances in 23 cities around the world including the US, Brazil, Europe, Japan and Thailand last year. I came back to KILLA>.


VAV's 4th mini-album <THRILLA KILLA> is composed of 5 songs, including the title song'Thrilla Killa' of the same name as the album,'I'm Sorry' by leader Saint-Bahn,'Touch you','Senorita', etc. Has been. In particular, as it is a special album that contains the members' first self-composed songs, you can feel the rich and colorful musical colors and charm of VAV.


The title song'Thrilla Killa' is a song inspired by hit songs of successive artists such as Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, and Prince, world famous artists in the mid-late 80s. Newtro reinterprets the melody of retro sound into a modern pop style. This is New Retro Pop. Producer Ryan Jeon, famous Swedish producer Hitmanic, and his crew made this special song for VAV.


'Thrilla Killa' means a person who is fatal enough to prevent anyone from getting out of his charm, and in the song,'A man with a fatal charm that captivates women's hearts (VAV)' and'A beautiful woman who captivates the iron man (VAV)' It is expressed in two ways.


VAV Her leader, St. Van's first self-composed song'I'm Sorry' is a pop dance song about forgetting and missing her even after her breakup and asking for forgiveness saying, "I'm sorry, please come back again." The sad voice suits you well.


In addition to steadily releasing mixtape, Eino's self-composed song'Touch You', which was recognized for his outstanding composition skills by being recognized as a top 5 in MBC every1 composer survival program'God of Creation', is a house genre song, with a trendy and popular melody. It's an impressive song. It contains the content that “the more you touch my heart, the deeper you fall and become confused.” It is an attractive song that allows you to feel the strong and sexy beauty of VAV.


VAV, which had previously mainly appealed to the image of pure and romantic men, has transformed into a'homme fatal' that exudes alluring sexy beauty through this album. The sensual and fatal sexyness of VAV that can be felt in the lyrics and melody line is expected to attract not only domestic fans but also overseas fans.


<Album composition>

-Photobook/Booklet 159 × 159 (mm) / 88P

-Digipack, 5 Track one CD, 1 type

-1 photo post card 145 × 100 (mm) random (1 out of 6 types)

-One photo card 55 × 85 (mm) random (1 out of 6 types)

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