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Yumi's Cells OST (2CD)

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Teabing's original 'Yumi's Cells' (Director Lee Sang-yeop / Creator Song Jae-jeong / Script Kim Yun-ju/Kim Kyung-ran)

Pre-orders for the OST album will begin.

In this regard, Stone Music Entertainment, the producer of the OST for 'Yumi's Cells', has planned an OST album with a special composition for the viewers and music fans who have given hot support from the beginning of the drama.

known to be The OST album of 'Yumi's Cells', which will be released this time, contains 48 tracks including all previously released singing songs, including scores, and consists of 2 CDs. Especially Yumi's in the play.

'Singing Love' by the cell band ENDORPHIN, which was accompanied by her spicy tteokbokki, is expected to continue to impress viewers. In addition, two random hologram cell cards,

It is expected to add value to its collection by providing a number of perks, such as one Yumi/Woong photo card each, two postcards, two bookmarks, and a booklet with unpublished stills.

*Album Specifications

- 2CD (total 48 tracks)

- Hardcover photo book (72p)

- 1 Yumi / Woong photo card each (2 total)

- 2 Hologram Cell Cards

(2 random out of 17 types / *Glam cell 1 + male cell 1)


- 2 postcards
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