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How to spend 2021 well

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**About the album**

‘to each other


hug me hot


The story of 2022

May you continue to write without hesitation!'


A new collaboration was presented every month to the public who are going through a difficult time together in 2021.

VIVO's first music project

<How to spend 2021 well>

Second Aunt Da-bi Kim, Mi-ran Ra, Mi-ran, ITZY (ITZY), Hyorin, Dasom, Yuna Kim, Wonstein, Double V, Celeb Five, Rooftop Moonlight, Yojo, Sunwoo Jung-ah, Cheese, Mun-chi Park, the warm hearts of all the artists. You can meet Dam's "Comprehensive Gift Set" album.

* The <How to spend 2021 well> album was printed with some eco-friendly materials, and the sales proceeds will be donated to neighbors who have had a hard time due to Corona.

**Album Specifications and Components **

- Photobook (128*185mm, 92P)

- Diary (128*180mm, 92P)

- CD (1EA)

- Donation certificate (185*128mm, 1EA)

- Folding poster (594*420mm, 1EA)

- Pencil (1EA)
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