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unofficialboyy - 3rd Full Album [Lee Su-rin ackermann]

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- Surin Lee's core values

1. "To fill the lack of those who love me, whom I love."
2. "To repay love"
3. "To make you feel me"
4. "To live the same life"

Next -> Is it linked to Ackerman's core values?

Surin Lee = Ackerman?

Well, in the sense of Ackerman in the cartoon where he found inspiration,
There are parts that are related, but actually Gamma and Hongwon are closer these days.
I felt that, in fact, Ackerman found me attractive about that part.
It feels like a cartoon element.

So, what are Ackerman's core values?

= "A man's life"
= responsibility
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unofficialboyy - 3rd Full Album [Lee Su-rin ackermann]
$15.60 USD
$15.60 USD

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