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Through the album concept 'Dream Field', TXT tells stories about the experiences boys face as they grow up.
If the debut album 'The Dream Chapter: STAR' expressed 'the joy and excitement of meeting you', the regular album 'The Dream Chapter: MAGIC' contains a 'magical adventure story'. It depicts magical moments that occur together with boys who meet friends who are different but similar to me. They share the changes, confusion, and explosive emotions they experience as they grow up as boys.

This album contains 'New Rules', where we say we want to make the rules in our world, the title song 'I'm waiting for you at Platform 9 and 3/4 (Run Away)', and 'It tickles', which compares a scary but pleasant moment to a roller coaster. (Roller Coaster)' and 'Angel Or Devil', in which two voices of an angel and a devil fight endlessly in my head.


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-Total 2 types [ARCADIA, SANCTUARY]

-1 CD-Photobook: 140 X 186 X 12 (mm) / 100 page

-Student Handbook: Photocard A (random 1 out of 5) + Photocard B (random 1 out of 5) + Post-it

-Sticker Pack (8 Big Stickers)

-Viewer glasses

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