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Chapter of Chaos: FIGHT OR ESCAPE (TOGETHER ver.)

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In front of the onslaught of the world, the real heart of a frozen boy ‘Chapter of Chaos: FIGHT OR ESCAPE ’
A boy caught up in the urge to fight for ‘you’ or run away with ‘you’.
Tomorrow x Together shoots down the tastes of Generation Z through various contents such as the D-day teaser, concept teaser, and concept photo of ‘Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE’. It uses mobile phone alarms and messages, and catches the attention of fans with unique and kitsch sensibility such as using emojis and customizing boards.

'Chapter of Chaos: FIGHT OR ESCAPE' includes the title song 'LO$ER=LO♡ER' (Loser Lover), and the fan song 'Exchange Diary ( 'Dubaddu Wariwari)', '0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori (Emocore Mix)’ is included. Here, '0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori' original version and the first English song 'Magic', 'Anti-Romantic', 'Sorry', 'Balance Game', 'No Rules', 'Dear Sputnik', 'Frost', etc. 11 tracks in total. do.

'Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE' will be released in two versions, 'FIGHT' and 'ESCAPE'. TXT embodies the boy's desire and impulse to fight or run away from the world through two versions of the concept photos.

The five members use skateboards customized to their individuality as props in the ‘FIGHT’ version. Skateboarding, a type of extreme sport, is a sport that reflects the challenging spirit of Generation Z. Tomorrow by Together expresses the inner heart of a boy full of impulses to fight against reality, feeling alive only through this dizzying and thrilling sport. do.

In the 'ESCAPE' version, five boys go to a convenience store full of kitsch and shiny items that don't seem to exist in this world. Obtain pink money with 'LO♡ER' engraved on it at a convenience store, and use it to express the honest feelings of a boy who wants to escape with you in a stuffy reality. In particular, they proudly stare at the CCTV installed in convenience stores and show off their presence with impulsive actions such as posing.




- Photobook: 1 each version / W 142 x H 123 (mm) / 44 pages

- Sticker: 1 each version / W 100 x H 100 (mm)

- Diary Postcard: 1 random out of 5 each version / W 120 x H 120 (mm) / Handwritten

- Photocard: Random 1 out of 5 in each version / W 55 x H 85 (mm)

- Mini poster: 1 random out of 2 types in each version / W 240 x H 240 (mm)

- CD (Jewel Case): 1 each version / W 120 x H 120 (mm)

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