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Chaos chapter : FREEZE

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Proving their presence as a 'representative of the 4th generation idols', Tomorrow x Together, through their second regular album 'Chaos Chapter: FREEZE', will present a wider music spectrum, while reinventing them with music and performances that contain their own colors. Burn will captivate global fans.

'Chapter of Chaos: FREEZE' is 'Anti-Romantic', the title song of '0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)', which contains the conflicting feelings that people want to stay away from love but can't prevent their feelings for the other person in the end. . Seori', 'Magic' depicting you like a magic that melts my frozen me, 'Sorry of evil' expressing the happiness brought by small but seemingly mean thoughts, 'Balance Game' comparing the choices you face in life to a game, It consists of a total of 8 tracks, including 'No Rules', a song about a world where rules have disappeared after the COVID-19 pandemic, 'Dear Sputnik' about a companion you met in loneliness, and 'Frost', which depicts the mind of a confused boy after realizing his fate. it's done


<Detailed Information>

- 3 types in total [WORLD, YOU, BOY]

- 1 CD: 1 type for each version

- Photobook: Each version 1 type / W 160 ร— H 230 (mm) / 88 pages

- Photo card: Random 1 out of 5 versions

- OS photo card: 1 random out of 5 types

ย - Postcard: 1 random out of 5 versions

- Sticker packs: 2 types in total (all versions are the same)

- Lyrics: 1 type for each version

- Behind-the-scenes book: 1 type of each version / 32 pages

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