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tvN Drama

My Mister OST (2CD)

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<My Mister OST> album release!

Includes all OST songs of the topic including Jung Seung-hwan, Sondia, Kwak Jin-eon, etc.

The popular tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama 'My Mister', which is scheduled to end on the following Thursday, will start pre-orders for the drama OST album on the afternoon of the 11th.

This OST album includes Sondia's 'Adult', which is inserted in every major scene of the drama and aroused the interest of viewers, and 'A Normal Day' by 'Jung Seung-hwan', which was inserted into the stair scene of Jian in the 6th episode, where he listened to 'Nice', etc. A total of 33 songs are inserted into two CDs, including 23 songs, including all 10 songs, and a rich composition is presented.

In particular, this OST album is packaged in the form of a 'paper envelope', and it is expected to arouse curiosity from viewers by adding a special polaroid (3 sheets) to an emotional photo book and lyrics paper that can be used as a poster.

In addition, for first-time buyers, two specially signed posters will be produced and one of the two will be given randomly, adding a special meaning to the fans who will have a long lasting impression on the end of the drama by raising the collectible value of this album.
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