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Goblin OST (Pack 2)

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Every moment of “Goblin”, every “music” was dazzling.
'Goblin' OST Syndrome, released as an album!

- Includes hit song coverage + shared narration! Produced in 2CD, pre-order online starting today
- 2CDs, undisclosed still cuts of actors, and even a narration track shared only with the album... 100% collectible value!
- Official release in online and offline stores nationwide on the 25th!

The OST of 'Goblin', which swept all domestic music charts this winter and caused an all-time OST syndrome, will be released as an album.
tvN's 10th anniversary special Friday-Saturday drama 'The Lonely and Brilliant God-Goblin' (played by Kim Eun-sook, directed by Lee Eung-bok, produced by Hwa & Dam Pictures, hereafter 'Goblin'), which is writing a new history of cable dramas with explosive ratings and topicality, will be released on the 25th. Ahead of the release of the music album containing all the drama OST songs, we will start pre-ordering from today.

The OST album includes Chanyeol X Punch's 'Stay with me', Crush's 'Beautiful', Ailee's 'I'll go to you like the first snow', Roy Kim X Kim Eiji's 'Heaven', Mamamoo's ' Love', Lasse Lind's 'Hush', Eddy Kim's 'Because you're pretty', Sam Kim's 'Who Are You', and Soyou's 'I Miss You', including all of the released OST songs, have not been released yet, but inquiries have been pouring in from the beginning of the drama. A total of 16 singing songs, including the opening song of 'Goblin', which he hit, will be recorded.

This album is scheduled to be produced in 2 CDs, and in addition to the previously released CD composed of singing songs, another sheet contains score songs that are inserted throughout the drama to add beauty to the play and sometimes create tension, and a rich OST. It looks like you can see the album.
In particular, Gong Yoo's narration track is also inserted in various places, raising expectations that it will be the best gift for drama fans who regret to leave 'Goblin'.

In addition, the lyrics book and photo book are separate, and the photo book contains drama stills and unpublished images of actors who have led the 'Goblin' syndrome, such as Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-wook, Kim Go-eun, Yoo In-na, Yook Sung-jae, and Lee El. raised In particular, the outbox beautifully embodies the mystery of "Goblin" with a lenticular design. The album is released in two types. In addition to the two types of lenticular covers, the flip book for reminiscing the famous scenes of the drama is also configured differently, and the other components such as the photo book and the lyrics book are the same.

The 'Goblin' OST album can be reserved at various online music sales sites in Korea from today, and will be officially released in offline stores on the 25th. The OST of 'Goblin' fits perfectly with the beautiful story and visuals of 'Goblin', and is praised as a luxury OST that perfectly melts the emotions of the drama. It caused the OST syndrome.

In fact, all the sound sources of 'Goblin' OST Part 1 ~ Part 13 that have been released so far swept the top spot on various music charts in Korea right after their release, and they are writing the 'unsuccessful OST myth' by dominating the top spots on the music charts for a whopping month and a half. . On the other hand, the 'Goblin' OST music group will be officially released through online and offline stores nationwide on the 25th, and reservations can be purchased from various online music sales sites starting today.

The difference between PACK1 and PACK2 is only the difference between the lenticular cover image and the internal component flip book,
Please be aware that the CD, songs, and other components such as booklets are the same for both PACK1 and PACK2.
(Please refer to the package shot!)
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