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Uncle OST (2CD)

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Release of the OST album for the drama 'Uncle' that captures both the story and the music !

The OST album of 'Uncle', which ended by reaching the highest viewership rating of 11.4% per minute and breaking its own highest ratings, was ranked first in 'All Weekly Channel Miniseries' for 3 weeks in a row, will be released. The drama 'Uncle' is a healing music drama about the story of a musician's uncle Jun-hyeok (Oh Jeong-se) and his young nephew Ji-hoo (Lee Kyung-hoon).

This album of 'Uncle' contains 13 AR songs, 13 Inst songs, and 22 score songs. 'Be your side' expresses the feeling of first meeting with Jihoo's nephew, 'Bluebird', a song that is funny with the movements of various actors when Junhyuk struggles to become Jihoo's parent and the parent class leader Bluebird, In order not to send uncle Junhyuk away, he courageously sang 'Stay by my side', and the song 'Living Together', a song Junhyuk and Jihoo made while going through difficult times together, the child actors sang together and conveyed a message of warmth to parents. It includes various tracks created including the story and lines of the drama, up to the song 'Butterfly'.

The music directors Seol Gi-tae, Park Se-jun, and Ko Byeong-wook worked together for the OST of 'Uncle' to create a song and score that fit the content and flow of 'Uncle', resulting in a highly complete work.

The composition of the 'Uncle' OST album includes a total of 2 CDs and a 32p photo book, so it will be a gift for fans who enjoyed the drama 'Uncle'.
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