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2nd Single [CONMIGO]

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TRI.BE's comeback attracting attention! Single 2nd album [CONMIGO] released!

The title song of 'Clean and Spicy' shown by TRI.BE, RUB-A-DUM.

Unique sound and addictive melody!

Catchphrase of 'People who want to run and play like crazy, stick here'

A global rookie attracting worldwide attention, anticipation!

TRI.BE, a rookie in the spotlight, is making a comeback with their 2nd single [CONMIGO].

This album consists of the title song 'RUB-A-DUM' and the b-side song 'LORO', and it is a unique song that further melts the musical color of TRI.BE, which was shown in the previous work [TRI.BE DA LOCA]. included one piece of music.

Following the previous work, the title song 'RUB-A-DUM', which opens with ELLY(of EXID)'s addictive signature sound 'TRI. By introducing a new combination of 'spicy taste', it heralds a unique position.

In addition to Afrobeat, moombahton, and Trap, which were tried in the previous work, this album was created by adding unique sounds and addictive melodies to the dancehall and reggaeton genres in this album. am.

The title song 'RUB-A-DUM', which was created with the motif from the fairy tale 'The Pied Piper', is like the original song that brings people together by blowing the flute. It contains a meaning, and the lyrics of the young but dignified figure are impressive.

Tri-B, a collaboration between Universal Music and Sinsadong Tiger, the world's largest record label, recorded 5.8 million views on YouTube MV within a short time after the release of their debut song 'DOOM DOOM TA'. Collaborating with Republic Records of the United States, it became a hot topic overseas at the beginning of its debut, and it is expected to be a global newcomer, not only entering the top spot in the domestic music charts, but also receiving a hot response in Japan, China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and India.


1. Photobook (84p-cover:4p, inside:80p-size148*210)

2. Sleeve box

3. Digipack & Board Tray

4. 8 types of photo cards (1 type at random) (55*85) On-pack

5. Accordion-type postcard (8 steps - 16 pages) (120*170) On-pack

6. One transparent photo card (55*85) on-pack

7. QR code bookmark 7 types (1 random type) (50*120) On-pack

8. 1 type of transparent sticker (100*150) on pack
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