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1st Single [TRI.BE Da Loca]

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“One-day puppy I Can Really Bite”

TR Entertainment's first girl group 'TRI.BE' will make their debut with their first single album [TRI.BE Da Loca].

'TRI.BE', which has been receiving explosive attention from global K-pop fans even before their debut, with the participation of the world's largest record label Universal Music and hitmaker Shinsadong Tiger, is Song Seon, Kelly, Jinha, Hyun Bin, Jia, Soeun, and Mirero. It is a 7-member girl group with an average age of 17.

The combination of 'Triangle', a symbol of perfection, and 'Be', meaning existence, 'TRI.BE', meaning 'perfect being' It contains the bold aspirations of '.

“TRI.BE that will be remembered by your ears, by your eyes, and in your heart”

‘TRI.BE’’s debut single [TRI.BE Da Loca] is still a one-day puppy, but it contains the bold ambition of ‘I will find myself confidently without being swayed by other people’s gaze’.

'TRI.BE Da Loca', which is also included as a signature sound in all of TRI.BE's songs, is a combination of the Latin La vida loca meaning 'passionate life' and TRI.BE. This is the slogan of TRI.BE, which was reborn as 'Passionate Tribee'.

This album, which will announce the emergence of a new existence in K-Pop by engraving differentiated music, spectacular performances, and the message of 'TRI.BE' in your ears, around your eyes, and on your chest, is 'TRI.BE'. 'Loca' and 'TRI.BE' are composed of 'DOOM DOOM TA', which contains a unique girl swag, and a powerful choreography using a triangular composition as a signature is the best. raise expectations

Executive Produced by TR Entertainment, Universal Music Ltd.

Produced by Sinsadong Tiger

Recorded by Minhee Kim @821 Sound

Mixed by Jongpil Koo @KLANG STUDIO, Yura Jung

Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @821 Sound

1. Loca

Composed by Sinsadong Tiger, ELLY

Lyrics by Sinsadong Tiger, ELLY

Arranged by Shinsadong Tiger

The b-side song 'Loca', which opens the door to the debut single 'TRI.BE Da Loca', is a song that introduces the group 'TRI.BE'. Unique Latin-style percussion and strong brass sound harmonize with trap beats, this song captures the unique personality of 'TRI.BE'. have it


Composed by Sinsadong Tiger, ELLY

Lyrics by Sinsadong Tiger, ELLY

Arranged by Shinsadong Tiger

'DOOM DOOM TA', the title song of their debut single 'TRI.BE Da Loca', is a song of the future house genre that harmonizes well with afro beat, mumbaton and house.

This song, which contains the message that I will give a sound through my appearance as I am without being shaken by other people's gaze, is impressive with the strong beat and the unique voice of 'TRI.BE'.

Like the lyrics of the chorus 'Put it in your ear, dazzle around your eyes, and make your heart explode', this song well expresses TRI.BE's unique girl-swag appearance, which promises to leave a strong impression with me. am.


Sleeve (Booklet type) Album 148 x 210mm

Photobook 148 x 210mm / 84P

Mini poster 145 x 200mm / 1set(8ea)

Name card 90 x 50mm / Random 1 of 7

Polaroid 55 x 86mm / Random 1 of 7

Photo Card 55 x 86mm / Random 1 of 7

Sticker 60 x 40mm / 1set(2ea)
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