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THE FACE SHOP All In One For Men Skin Wash 290ml

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"All-in-one skin wash of refreshing usability, moisture perfect for dry skin!"

  • Refreshing without feeling slippery, control sebum.
  • Multi-functional 2 in 1 formula providing solutions for most common skin
    concerns for men
  • Formula with sage extract to protect from skin irritation
  • Formula with centella asiatica extract to treat men's rough skin in only one step
  • Formulated with Deep sea water* ingredients from Pristine Ulleungdo Island that is:
    Low in temperature: temperature maintain under 2℃ throughout the year, creating an environment which harmful substances or germs hardly can survive.
    Ideal Mineral Balance with 3 essential minerals of Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), and Potassium (K) are richly contained in Deep Sea Water, with the similar concentration of body fluid
    - Ideal Mineral Balance: 3 (Mg) : 1 (Ca) : 1 (K)


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