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-Boys' breathtaking chase for K-pop representative group, mini 5th album [CHASE] released-The deepest place, the title song "The Stealer" that grabs your heart-A feast of catching tracks, eye-catching visuals and performances for global fan spirit


The Boyz, who revealed the boys' instincts and desires for love, is chasing after that love this time.The Boyz, who appeared on the Mnet contest program'Road to Kingdom' and won the championship with a unique concept and a different level of performance, releases a mini album [CHASE] that will prove their infinite growth and presence as a next-generation K-pop player. This album is composed of a total of 6 tracks containing various genres and unique music full of boyishness, including the title song'The Stealer'. It will meet your expectations.


The title song “The Stealer” is a contemporary hip-hop dance genre that The Boyz tries for the first time. It has an addictive beat and a strong chorus that shouts “I'm the stealer”. In addition, the first track of the album,'Shine Shine', is a song by K-pop representative producer KENZIE and the second breath with The Boyz.Prequel contains the previous story of the title song'The Stealer'. ) Is composed of a shape that attracts attention.


Other than that,'Insanity' with an impressive line with the theme of feelings that cannot be controlled by being crazy for love,'Whiplash', a witty comparison of the thrilling and ecstatic feelings of falling in love with'Whiplash', and an extension of'Fantasy Confession' from the last regular album. A variety of songs are included, including'Make or Break', which member Seonwoo, who showed high-level rap making and lyrics skills through previous albums, mainly participated in the lyrics, and the stage version of the live broadcast final song'CHECKMATE' of Mnet contest program'Road to Kingdom' It added specialness.


* Album specifications-Album: CHASE Ver. / STEALER Ver. / TRICK Ver. (3 types)-Cover Holder: 1 random out of 11 (different by version)-Photo Book: 84p (varies by version)-CD-R: Insert 1 type (different by version)-Lenticular Photo Card: 1 randomly inserted among 11 types (different by version)-Ticket Photo Card: 1 randomly inserted among 11 types (varies by version)-Post Card: 1 randomly inserted out of 11 types (different by version)-Photo Card: 2 randomly inserted out of 33 types (different by version)

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