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7th Mini Album [BE AWARE] (Denial Ver.)

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- The Boyz releases the 7th mini album [BE AWARE], a collection of cool, sexy, fantasy! 'Five-sensory stimulation energy' that explodes dopamine in sleep
- The 'global trend' The Boyz, the 7th mini album [BE AWARE] will prove the name worth! The title song 'WHISPER' to take away the sweltering heat
- Blooming 'dopamine'! The mysterious and fantastic 'cool fantasy' of boys heading for desire! Full-scale narrative development

The Boyz, the only boys who will lead you into a fantastic fantasy world, will release their 7th mini album [BE AWARE] on August 16th.

The Boyz, who started with their debut album [THE FIRST] and created their own path with a high-quality album and solid storytelling under the theme of boy growth and love, is the third single that expands the musical narrative by realizing the 'true me'. After about 9 months since the album [MAVERICK], they are making a comeback with the new album [BE AWARE].

Previously, The Boyz showed a stage with an expanded concept and a solid story, winning the Mnet contest program 'Road to Kingdom' and winning the runner-up in 'Kingdom', showing the standard of 'cascade growth'. With them, US Billboard lit up as 'the most exciting and fast-rising group', and Forbes also paid attention to The Boyz's activities. Afterwards, The Boyz became the 'Half Million Seller' in Initial Chodong sales with their 6th mini album 'THRILL-ING', and also won the Hanteo Chart's official gold certification plaque following 5 music shows. In addition, it not only took the top spot in major domestic music charts, but also ranked first in the iTunes Album-Song Chart in 16 overseas countries, and also proved its global power by taking the top spot in a total of 36 countries. After three months, they made a high-speed comeback and promoted themselves as the third single 'MAVERICK' and swept the top spot on terrestrial music shows, proving the value of the name of 'The Boyz'.

Based on a strong domestic and foreign fandom, The Boyz is drawing a steep rise in domestic and foreign album and music charts whenever they release a new album. Through this 7th mini album [BE AWARE], they show a wider music spectrum, and at the same time, they once again touch the hearts of K-pop fans with music and performances that contain their own 'boy' color.

β€œLove begins at the same time as BE AWARE” Faced with forbidden love, The Boyz realizes their shaking heart, realizes the rules that governed them, and rebels against those rules. The Boyz's 7th mini-album [BE AWARE] is a collection of emotions that unfold as boys face love, from the moment dopamine blooms to the moment they let go of everything in a dangerous love, fascinated by the thrilling whispers (WHISPER). focus on the wave

The title song WHISPER expresses the moment when dopamine blooms while fascinated by the thrilling whisper (WHISPER). Bump & Love is a pop song with rhythmic vocals and groovy rap. C.O.D.E., which uses the cool synths and exciting rhythms to the fullest of The Boyz's refreshing charm, compares the mind of a stranger to a code. Levitating depicts the moment when you fall in a dangerous love and let go of everything as you lose gravity and rise. Survive The Night, where member Sunwoo writes the lyrics and adds The Boyz's mature vocals to create a richer and more emotional sound. And the last track, Timeless, made by The Boyz for 'THE B', with members Sangyeon, Hyunjae, New, Q, and Sunwoo taking part in writing the lyrics to add a special touch. As such, THE BOYZ's 7th mini album [BE AWARE] contains the sudden wave of emotions in six tracks to show a wider music spectrum, while at the same time, once again, fans around the world with music and performances that contain their own colors. will win their hearts. In particular, the 7th mini album [BE AWARE] filled the album with the colors of 'The Boyz' as members of The Boyz, who have been participating in songwriting since their debut, participated in a number of songs as solo and co-lyricists.

In addition, if you listen to the album from the beginning to the end while imagining what will happen to them in return for choosing a precarious love, you will be able to get a glimpse of hints about the story of the album that will follow.

*Album Specifications
- PHOTOBOOK : W 188mm x H 258mm / 72p (images are different for each version)
- LYRIC PAPER : W 140mm x H 210mm / 1 type (same image for each version)
- CD-R: Insert 1 type (same image for each version)
- EMOTION PHOTOCARD : W 55mm x H 85mm / random insertion of 1 out of 10 types (images are different for each version)
- SELFIE PHOTOCARD : W 55mm x H 85mm / 2 types out of 30 types are randomly inserted (images are different for each version)
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