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6th Mini Album [THRILL-ING]

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- A total set of thrills, ecstasy, and thrills, The Boyz 6th mini album [THRILL-ING] released
- A ride full of dizzying thrills and refreshing sensations! Title song ‘THRILL RIDE’
- A thrilling and extreme race towards the representative K-pop boy group, a global trend!

This summer, eleven 'hot' boys will bring a 'cool' thrill to your heart.

After winning the Mnet contest program 'Road to Kingdom' and winning runner-up in 'Kingdom', The Boyz, who has built up the group's branding more solidly through stages with expanded concepts and solid stories, releases their 5th mini album [CHASE]. After about 11 months, they made a comeback with a new album. The 6th mini-album [THRILL-ING], with the album theme of 'THRILL', an emotional word that best suits the hot summer season, is a thrilling and thrilling song with various meanings of the word 'THRILL'. It was created by composing each track in an omnibus format that gives a literal 'THRILL-ING' emotion that is ecstatic, sometimes creepy, and thrilling.

'THRILL RIDE' is the title song of an attractive and unique hip-hop genre that provides the most universal meaning of the word 'THRILL', which is 'exhilaration'. 'Out Of Control' gives a 'fantastic' sense with dynamic development and composition that seems to run uncontrollably. 'Dancing Till We Drop' makes you feel as if you are watching the movie 'La La Land' with its <light and exciting> contemporary sound and disco mood. A black version of The Boyz album's signature 'Monseries', combining dark pop and R&B, 'Nightmares (黑花)' has a dreary yet somewhat <creepy> feel. ‘Merry Bad Ending’, which maximizes emotions with a unique synth sound that expresses the trembling of the heart, and makes you feel a thrilling <shudder> through the paradoxical lyrics of a happy and sad ending. And ‘B.O.Y (Bet On You)’ ends with a confession containing the romance and excitement of a midsummer night that I can bet my everything on you with a guitar-pop genre with a minimal and trendy sound. In this way, this mini-album [THRILL-ING], which contains six emotions and stories in one theme, 'THRILL', is a three-dimensional part of the emotion that the listener can empathize with by using various elements of music. The album was completed with focus.

While focusing on the original identity of 'Boys', if you listen to the first and last tracks of the album by focusing on the delicate emotions and color sensibility of the eleven boys who have deepened through various experiences, this album will ultimately show you. I wonder if I can feel a certain overwhelming emotion, that happy thrill.

*Album Specifications

- COVER : W 210mm X H 270mm
- PHOTO BOOK : 1 type / 72p / W 210mm X H 270mm (images are different for each version)
- LYRICS CARD : Insert 1 type / W 165mm X H 235mm (images are different for each version)
- CD-R : Insert 1 type / W 118mm X H 118mm (images are different for each version)
- THRILL STREAMING BAND : 1 out of 6 types randomly inserted / W 250mm X H 20mm (same image for each version)
- THRILL RIDE EXPRESS TICKET : 1 out of 11 types randomly inserted / W 70mm X H 190mm (same image for each version)
- HOLOGRAM POST CARD : : 1 out of 11 types randomly inserted / W 128mm X H 187mm (images are different for each version)
- SPARKLING PHOTO CARD : 1 out of 11 types randomly inserted / W 55mm X H 85mm (images are different for each version)
- PHOTO CARD : Random insertion of 2 types out of 33 types / W 55mm X H 85mm (images are different for each version)
- TATTOO STICKER : Insert 1 / W 90mm X H 130mm *illustrated by THE BOYZ (same image for each version)
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