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[THANK YOU FARMER] True Water Light Toner 155ml

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Moisture Care Line for oil/combination skin/acne-prone skin searching for moist and fresh products! A pore tightening toner smoothing the rough skin and providing vitality and energy with water boosting.
Filling the moisture with Inositol and Trehalose, controlling sebum and forming moisture barrier with excellent water storage capacity.
Opening the water passages to enhance rapid absorption.
Contains 7 patented botanical ingredients to prevent clogging of pores and neutralize acidity index after cleansing.
Absorb active ingredients deeply inside the skin (Water Soluble Moisturizer + Plant Extract) and providing fresh finish by applying technology.
Remove unnecessary dead skin cell and waste to smooth the skin surface.
Low Irritation Safety Formula, suitable for sensitive skin.
Clean & Non-viscous Water Type.

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